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Deathrite – Nightmares Reign

German death metal outfit DEATHRITE return with their 4th and most sophisticated album yet! Having transitioned from four to five members, the newest addition brings a new edge to the bands uncompromising signature sound that adds to the eerie and dark atmosphere that DEATHRITE knows how to create. “Nightmares Reign” blends immensely heavy riffs, gut wrenching vocals and haunting lead guitars into a hefty mix that heaves through your stereo. The follow up to 2015s “Revelation Of Chaos” looses none of the intensity of the predecessor and fuses their sound with memorable melody lines that create fitting atmospheric breaks before the next crushing riff kicks in. With eight new tracks, DEATHRITE deliver 43 minutes of raw, powerful, riff-packed Death Metal – a definite must-have for every death metal fan! “Nightmars Reign” is sure to become a standout album for existing and new fans.


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