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Dawn Of Disease – Ascension Gate

The brand new album “Ascension Gate” goes a different way with enthralling guitar work, enchanting management of melodies and brilliant tone. A hurricane of blastbeat drumming and the gigantic gargling of Tomasz Wisniewski spark a fire that forges their spirit. This is the new era of modern Death Metal. Their output proves them right: just one year after their last epos “Ascension Gate” appears – their fourth hail of bombs full of volatile riff power.

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Perimortal
  3. Leprous Thoughts
  4. Fleshless Journey
  5. Beneath The Waters
  6. Ascension Gate
  7. Akephalos
  8. Lucid
  9. The Growing Emptiness
  10. Mundus Inversus


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