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Darkest Mind – Oracle Of Death

Darkest Mind is a Melodic Black Metal band from Belgium that present their debut full length album “Oracle of Death”. Exactly 6 years after their self-released debut EP “Break The Circle”. On “Oracle of Death” the band plays a furious old school style of Swedish Melodic Black Metal which one could say is very much Dissection inspired (in a positive way) and manage to nails it.

The guitars are very melodic, yet there is enough room for fast chords and a lot of tremolo picking moments. The drums are very well balanced and rumble through a lot of variations such as from mid tempo’s to insane blast beats and this all combined with a powerful sound where the kicks are perfectly mixed out. Where the bass guitar strengthen both drums and guitars and completes the instrumental package to a whole. As last but certainly not least, the vocals deliver a 90’s old school vocal style on top of the music which sounds almost like your listening to “Jon Nödtveidt” (and that is a very rare thing), yet it suits perfectly and makes the music of Darkest Mind as what it is!

The “Oracle of Death” is ferocious, tight, clear, strong, aggressive and above all a Melodic Masterpiece! Every Black Metal fan who loves the 2nd wave Swedish Melodic Black Metal scene (Dissection, Vinterland, Sacramentum, Lord Belial, Naglfar, Mörk Gryning, to name a few..) will definitely bang their head to Darkest Mind their debut album.

1. Shadows of Life
2. Oracle of Death
3. Prophecy of the Stillborn
4. Awakened in the Cold Winter Eternal
5. Evoked by the Moon
6. The Indomitable Decay
7. Queen of Poison and Lust


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