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Cursed Be Thy Flesh – The Ritual

Debut album from USBM band Cursed Be Thy Flesh that features 10 tracks of pure satanic worship. The album is loosely themed around Salem witch trials and anti religious themes. Unholy and Blasphemous worship! Limited Edition tape to 20 copies (10x Black, 10x Red) – cheaper package deal for both colour tapes!

  • SIDE A
  1. Witching Hour
  2. Disease Flow Through
  3. Do Not Pray
  4. Mors Aeterna
  5. The Ritual
  • SIDE B
  1. Din Grav Venter
  2. The Devils Arrival
  3. Dread Not The Death Of The Earth
  4. Church Of The Children Of Atom
  5. The Art Of Suffering