Cult Of Frey – By The Blood of Odin: Part1 – Midgard [TAPE]

Finally, after 7 long years Cult Of Frey return with a new full length album. Featuring 8 tracks of epic viking metal, all songs are odes to fallen brothers in battle, this album is utterly spine tingling, dripping with atmosphere and is a welcome return after so many years!

  • Formats: Blue tape [25 Units] | White Tape [25 Units] Housed in O Card slipcase with alternative cover art.
  1. We Were Born Of Odin (Once We Were Kings Pt.3)
  2. Lament of The Fallen
  3. The Bravest Ones Are First To Fall
  4. Northwind (Carry Him Home)
  5. We Forge This Land (In Blood And Steel)
  6. Ten Thousand Strong
  7. Life In The Shield Wall
  8. Death In The Shield Wall (Song Of The Ravens)