Crypts – Coven Of The Dead

CRYPTS from germany deliver very true old school death metal, no gimmicks, no intos, pure and simple stripped down end of the 80s style. Without any exaggeration you can name Morgoth, early Entombed, Hail Of Bullets or Autopsy as comparisons – technically fit, great songwriting, a fantastic singer, who, if i can believe the band, growls even in normal conversations. This record has the power to raise the dead and everyone who has more than three OSDM records in their possession will probably adore COVEN OF THE DEAD

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Deathking Coronation
  3. Nuclear Vengeance
  4. Final War
  5. Hypothermia
  6. Coven Of The Dead
  7. Paura


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