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Corpsedecay – Sick and Dirty Thoughts

Colombian brutal death grind band CORPSEDECAY, second full length “Sick and Dirty Thoughts” is finally reissued with debut full length “My Own Mutilated Son” added as bonus tracks. Highly recommend for fans of TORSOFUCK, SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE, FLESHLESS, ABORTED and DEAD FOR DAYS.

  1. Cannibal Assessin
  2. Vivi’s Anal Coitus Penetration For First Time
  3. Foetuspsy
  4. Ooohhh Zoophilic Momm!!!
  5. Sick And Dirty Thoughts
  6. Grotesque Decomposition
  7. Bloody Ejaculation
  8. Sick And Dirty Thoughts (Live)
  9. Holocaust In Nazareth
  10. Massacre Christian Church
  11. Slaves Of The Cruel Work (My Own Mutilated Son)
  12. Bleeding Death (My Own Mutilated Son)
  13. Cocaine Paradise (My Own Mutilated Son)
  14. Holocaust In Nazareth (My Own Mutilated Son)
  15. Is Time To Die… (My Own Mutilated Son)
  16. Massacre Christian Church (My Own Mutilated Son)
  17. Sorrow (My Own Mutilated Son)
  18. Victims Decay (My Own Mutilated Son)


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