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Consecration – Cinis

The music of Consecration has always been touched by the black hand of despair, draped in shrouds of sadness. Their songs conjure vistas of desolation and paint pale ghosts of agony and loss on backdrops of storm riven twilight skies. They have explored the depths of melancholy and the echoing chambers of the dead and now, with the perfect line-up cemented in place they have discovered the absolute essence of their sound; a fluid coalescence of the rot and decay of ancient death metal and the sombre majesty of doom.

Format: CD | Clear Cream/Black Splatter LP

1. The Dweller in the Tumulus
2. Ground to Ashes (A Cremulation)
3. Embrace of Perpetual Mourning
4. A Dying Wish
5. These Fleeting Memories
6. The Charnel House
7. A Sentient House
8. Unto the Earth Bethralled
9. In Loving Abandonment