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Coldworld – The Stars Are Dead Now

With their debut „The Stars Are Dead Now“ a landmark of Depressive Black Metal from Germany was released by COLDWORLD. The one-man project achieved to create a very unique style of ambient black metal fully dedicated to desolation and bleakness. COLDWORLD’s multi-instrumentalist G.B. also contributed to bands like Antlers, Grift, and Farsot. Besides his activities in the black metal scene, G.B. is also known to be a member of SANGRE DE MUERDAGO (Spa/Ger) and various other folk acts bringing an emotive approach to folkloristic music. Finally re-released after 15 years!!!

  1. This Empty Life 07:19
  2. Hate 03:56
  3. Cancer 03:36
  4. Suicide 05:15
  5. The Old Ghost in the Well 07:43
  6. Dead Stars 02:09
  7. Ragnarök 03:18


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