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Chamber of Unlight – Realm of The Night

WEREWOLF RECORDS is proud to present CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT’s highly anticipated debut album, Realm of the Night. All told, Realm of the Night favorably harkens to the lost classics of the late ’90s, particularly those released by Necropolis Records or No Fashion – which, in a paradoxical twist, gives both band and record their refreshing air of modernity.

1.Prooemium 01:35
2.Crowns of Divinity 04:01
3.Revelations of Dark Crafts 05:01
4.On the Path of Thy Shadow 05:11
5.From Grey Tombs 05:31
6.Summoning the Spirit of the Dead 05:12
7.Slumber 06:35
8.Uncelestial Light (The Chamber) 05:57


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