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Chamber Of Unlight – Realm of the Night

CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT’s highly anticipated debut album, Realm of the Night, on 12″ LP on Black Vinyl w/ Poster.
CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT began as the solo work of multi-instrumentalist Necrosis. The man stands as a prolific veteran of Finland’s esteemed extreme metal landscape; during the past 20 years, his credits include Deathchain, Ajattara, Shade Empire, and Trollheims Grott. Joined by drummer Kassara – himself an equally prolific Finnish veteran whose credits likewise include Deathchain and Trollheims Grott but also Horna, Bythos, Forgotten Horror, Striges, and Black Death Ritual among others – CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT released their self-titled debut demo in 2017. Immediately, the eldritch essence of ’90s Finnish black metal was felt, and the storm was only brewing…
Now, four years later, CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT reveal their stand-to-attention debut full-length, Realm of the Night. Here, the duo see the arrival of guitarist Leper, and along with the live lineup which includes fellow guitarist VnoM and bassist Infection, their membership becomes a veritable goldmine of Finnish underground metal excellence. However, Realm of the Night is undeniably a BLACK METAL work, and one whose essence is still steeped in the ancients whilst emitting a refreshing air of modernity. The attack is tight yet ghoulish, the song constructions winding but ever pulsing forward. The synth work is subtle but mesmerizing, giving a grand (and diabolical) aspect to CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT only previously hinted at. The production possesses that ever-elusive balance between grime and gleam, keeping proceedings proudly grounded in black metal but not masking the band’s consummate professionalism. All told, Realm of the Night favorably harkens to the lost classics of the late ’90s, particularly those released by Necropolis Records or No Fashion – which, in a paradoxical twist, gives both band and record their refreshing air of modernity.
The past isn’t alive because it never died; it’s been coursing through the blood of CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT for decades now. At long last, their magickal energies are harnessed and reside in the Realm of the Night.


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