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Ceremonial Castings – Salem 1692 [MMXX]

The band was founded by still existing members Jake Superchi (Uada) & brother Nick Superchi. The basis of the writing & the lyrical foundation striving on the art of black magic, witchcraft & rituals that could only lead to the name of Ceremonial Castings. The recipe contains itself with the magicks of Black, Death, & Thrash Metal to Classical, Symphonic & Dark Ambient combining into the band’s self deemed sound as “American Deathphonic Black Metal” or now known as “Bewitching Black Metal”, a unique style surrounded in black magic & the arts of witchcraft.

1. Beneath the Sabbath Moon
2. Where the Witches Waltz
3. The Devil in Salem
4. Obsidian Spells of Hysteria
5. The Dreamstalk Masquerade
6. The Crucible & the Cross
7. Damned Be Those of the Craft
8. Onwards to Gallows Hill
9. Stones upon the Warlock
10. When Winter Spectres Come
11. The Search for Tranquility


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