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Carnal Savagery – Scent of Death

Pure old School Swedish Death Metal, filled with Catchy rhythms, Melody and Hooks. With roots that date back to the early 1990’s original Death Metal movement, the core members of CARNAL SAVAGERY formed out of the ashes of the cult Cromlech. CARNAL SAVAGERY’s “Scent of Death” will continue to permeate the Air and the Metal scene LONG after the corpses it leaves behind have decayed! Once more delivering a sarcophagus-sized slab of putrid old school Death Metal, “Scent of Death” is ripe with catchy melodic rhythms, memorable choruses, pounding drums, clear yet brutal vocals, and searing solos.

1. Deformed Bodies
2. A Vacant Casket
3. Rotten Immortals
4. Scent of Death
5. Impaled Tortured and Left for Dead
6. Leeches
7. Writhed in Agony
8. Mortuary of the Unblessed
9. Cranial Sodomy
10. Tombs of the Deformed
<CD Only Bonus Track>
11. To Moulder in a Grave (CD bonus)


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