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Cân Bardd – Devoured by the Oak

With the first two albums Cân Bardd already managed to enthrall a lot of fans in the Atmospheric Black Metal community, and with “Devoured by the Oak” the band set their sights even higher. The goal was to create a perfect blend of the strengths of the first two albums ‐ the ambience, textures and atmosphere of the debut, and the composition and quality of the sophomore album, culminating in a more mature sound and a more intense experience for the listener.

1. Echoes of the Moss (5:02)
2. Une Couronne de Branches (10:31)
3. Devoured by the Oak Pt. I (8:34)
4. Devoured by the Oak Pt. II (8:50)
5. Crépuscule (9:52)
6. Spleen by the Pond (2:46)
7. Autumn Shore (8:25)
8. Blomsterkransen (3:36)



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