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Burial – Upheaval

‘Satanic Upheaval’, Burial’s 3rd album, follows their take on occult themes with a misanthropic view of the world. The band comments: “we are incredibly excited to sign with Apocalyptic Witchcraft for our new release and look forward to working with them on this album which is the most complete representation of our sound as a band to date, a body of work that are very proud of and are eager to share with the world”.

  1. Encircled by Wolves
  2. Void of Decay
  3. Hellish Reaping Screams
  4. Beneath the Filth
  5. Destruction Absolute
  6. Decayed by Time
  7. Barren Lands
  8. Devour Your Soul
  9. Satanic Upheaval
  10. Cursed by the Light


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