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Bowel Stew – Putridarium

Bowel Stew was formed in 1996 and play a mixture of Old School Splatter Brutal Death Metal and Goregrind. “Putridarium” is their fourth full length album. 100% fast and brutal Death/Grind to the bone! For fans of blast beats, brutal guitars, inhuman vocals and gravity blasts!

1. Scalped Alive with a Bone Awl
2. Penis-Mortifying Cilice
3. Teratomorphic Fetal Encystment
4. Umbilical Cord Strangulation
5. Pile of Human Mummified Remains
6. Crepitant Skeletal Disarticulation
7. Putridarium: Ubi Pus, Ibi Evacua
8. Fecal Embalment of the Vaginal Cavity
9. Slowly We Rot (Obituary cover) *


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