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Born To Murder The World – S/T

Mick Kenney (Mistress) and Shane Embury (Lock Up, Napalm Death) have been friends for 2 decades. As fans of each others respective bands and then becoming just good friends in the Birmingham Grind scene, keeping the enthusiasm high when the pressure of boredom lifted its head. Such disgusting angry beauty. Stirring, violent, bliss. An assault, an indignation, a  stripping away of civility leaving raw emotional hatred. With the help of fellow nut Duncan Wilkins they finally spat this bastard of an album! It is now available on vinyl!

1. When the Heart Is Violated – The Universe Remember
2. Brutality Alchemist
3. Genesis Misconception
4. The Virus Is Within Us All
5. As He Creates So He Destroys
6. Penetrate The Descent

7. The Death of Dreams
8. Poisoning Purity
9. Negativity Plague
10. Corruption Feeds Deception
11. Tiyanak
12. How Barren is Life Without Sin


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