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Bludgeon – Devoted To Lunacy

The long awaited debut full length album from UK brutal death metallers Bludgeon! Expect nothing less than blasting drums, frenzied guitars and ultre-guttural vocals! For fans of Brodequin, Wormed etc…!

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Fascination with the Lifeless
  3. Cognizant Dichotomy
  4. Lust the Carrion
  5. Dreaming of the Meathooks
  6. Hideous Malformations Through Incest
  7. Cattleprod Episiotomy
  8. Malefic Volition
  9. Before the Taxidermy Begins…
  10. Erogenous Catamenia
  11. Tenebris Aeternum


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