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Bloodthorn – In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings/Onwards Into Battle [2CD]

2CD set from Nordic Black Metal act BLOODTHORN. Includes the band’s debut full-length ‘In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings’ originally released in 1997 and their second studio album ‘Onwards Into Battle’ from 1999.

‘In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings’ – The saga begins! Here is the long out-of-print first chapter of the dark journey of BLOODTHORN. This debut album is heralded as a milestone in the evolution of symphonic black metal. Dark, depressive, aggressive and majestic, this is everything you can wish for in an extreme metal album!

‘Onwards Into Battle’ – Part two of the BLOODTHORN saga. Excellent Nordic Black Metal blending atmospheric and melodic elements with raging brutality! Equally adept when it comes to mixing dreamy female vocals & epic keyboards with blast-beat fuelled grind & brutal vokills.


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