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Bloodgut – Nekrologikum Evangelikum PT. II

Death Grind from Sweden re release of this master piece that will definitely appeal to fans of (early) Carcass, Impaled, Exhumed etc….

Track List:

  1. Countdown to Obliteration (3 2 1: Mushroomcloud)
  2. Blasted into Nothingness
  3. They March Below the Oceans
  4. Force fed Foul Flesh
  5. Inquisitor Deluxe Pt.II
  6. No Vacancy at Zombie Inn
  7. A Need to Feed (On the Masses)
  8. Arrival at the Last Human Outpost
  9. Slothful Crawl of the Undead
  10. Furnace World (Nekrotikum Evangelikum Pt.II)
  11. Untitled


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