Bloodbath – The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn

Bloodbath began the recording of The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn in early 2018, with new guitarist Joakim Karlsson of Craft welcomed into the fold. With an unyielding thirst for the macabre, the album sees the band’s current direction taking a step into even darker waters.  Here, Bloodbath explore the boundaries of extremity, mixing in the best of Death, Thrash and Black Metal to create a perfect storm of chaos, delivered with the same ferocious HM-2 buzzsaw sound and relentless riff assault mastered over the years, combined with themes of the occult and pure horror.

  1. Fleischmann [03:38]
  2. Bloodicide [04:56]
  3. Wayward Samaritan [03:39]
  4. Levitator [04:37]
  5. Deader [04:06]
  6. March Of The Crucifiers [04:05]
  7. Morbid Antichrist [04:05]
  8. Warhead Ritual [03:38]
  9. Only The Dead Survive [05:06]
  10. Chainsaw Lullaby [03:20]



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