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Bloedmaan – Castle Inside the Eclipse

Bloedmaan, another brainchild by the infamous Ronarg (also known from Ars Veneficium & Antzaat) presents its debut full length album ‘Castle Inside the Eclipse’. Those who are familiar with both mentioned bands know what to expect from this gentlemen and can even hear similarities, however, Bloedmaan stands completely on its own.

The music is as Melodic as Antzaat and as Violent as Ars Veneficium, yet, the approach is completely different. Fast and complex guitar melodies wrapped in a harsh mid 90’s old school sound package with variated drum patterns and those nice low end basslines. The vocals give you that haunted 90’s Vampyric feeling with a touch of depressive note without entering the suicidal atmosphere.

All in all, Bloedmaan delivers a Hell of a debut album that will take the Black Metal scene by storm without a doubt!

1. The Night of Blood (05:29)
2. Cursed Charms of Death (04:32)
3. Haunted Melancholic Obsessions (05:15)
4. Winged Flight under the Pale Moon (07:27)
5. The Hunter’s Dream (06:09)


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