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Bleeding Sorrow – Drowning

Bleeding Sorrow was created in 2021 as a side project of Mortcer, founding member of Vagrond, as a vessel to carry on the Post Black Metal sound of Vagrond’s early work. ‘Drowning’ is the band’s debut release, exploring depression and feelings of isolation. The songs are a deeply emotional and melodic take on the genre. Cold guitar tones drenched in reverb create a symphony of sadness, heightened by the shrill wailing vocals, while upbeat drum patterns provide an uplifting feel.

1. Grief (1:33)
2. Sombre (7:14)
3. Drowning (6:09)
4. Zenith (3:04)
5. Sorrow (6:24)
6. Ripples (6:15)
7. Surge (5:43)


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