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Black Lava – Soul Furnace

During the turbulent and uncertain years of 2020-2021, perhaps none were plunged deeper into darkness than those from down under. However, through solitude and desolation, some of the greatest art is created, as is the case with BLACK LAVA, the emerging blackened death metal quartet from Melbourne (AU). Founded by drummer Dan Presland (Vipassi, AMDBL, Ne Obliviscaris) and guitarist Ben Boyle (Vipassi, AMDBL, Hadal Maw), BLACK LAVA draws influence from old school death and black metal bands while injecting groove-laden melodies and progressive elements to create their own experimental sound.

1. Origins
2. Aurora
3. Black Blizzard
4. Baptised in Ice
5. Eye of the Moon
6. Northern Dawn
7. Necrocatacomb
8. Nightshade
9. Soul Furnace