Birth A.D. – I Blame You

In the fearsome tradition of crossover thrash forged by acts like D.R.I., S.O.D., C.O.C, and a lot of other bands with three– letter acronyms comes BIRTH A.D.! BIRTH A.D.’s take on crossover’s head-on collision of punk, hardcore and speed metal comes with a up-to-date indictment of America. It’s angry, fast, catchy as hell, and it’s guaranteed to cause total chaos wherever it goes!

Track List:

1. Mission Statement
2. Equal Opportunity
3. Burn L.A.
4. Failed State
5. Bring Back the Draft
6. This Scene Sucks
7. Violent Retribution
8. No, Man
9. I Blame You
10. Short Bus Society
11. Wrong Again
12. Fill in the Blank
13. Kill Everybody
14. No Jobs (Don’t Work)
15. Cause Problems
16. Parasites Die
17. Popular War
18. Blow up the Embassy (Fearless Iranians from Hell cover)


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