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Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado

Fourth album “Extreme Graveyard Tornado” by Swedish grindcore legends BIRDFLESH. Originally released in 2019.

1.Towards Insanity
2.Are We Great Again?
3.Crazy Train Decapitation
4.Grind Band
5.Home of the Grave
6.Milkshake Is Nice
7.Another Pig
8.Guacamolestation of the Tacorpse
9.Crazyful Face
10.Thank You for the Hostility
11.Crazy Nights
12.Botox Buttocks
13.House Guest
14.Accused of Suicide
15.Black Hole Jaw
16.Amish Girl
17.The Rise of Stupidity
18.Pub Night
20.Bite the Mullet
21.Almost Aggression
22.Garlic Man
23.Mouth for Gore
24.Land of the Forgotten Riffs


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