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Birdflesh – All The Miseries

“All The Miseries” is a 2021 EP by Swedish grindcore legends BIRDFLESH.

1.Gore Ensemble
2.High on Carnage
3.Radioactive Madness
4.The Head of a Skull
6.People of the Leprosy
8.Dying After Midnight
10.Kickstart My Ass
11.Sayonara Sensei
12.Inked Deth
13.Hell Satan Bro Stalker
14.Crazy Nights (live)
15.Countless Mayhem (live)
16.Milkshake Is Nice (live)
17.Alive Autopsy (live)
18.Caligoulash (live)
19.Teenage Mutilator (live)
20.Gut to Kill (live)
21.Victim of the Cat (live)
22.Anal Misery (live)
23.The Flying Penis (live)
24.Coffinfucker (live)


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