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Bhleg – Fäghring

After the blackest night comes the most radiant dawn; the spark of life illuminates all that which was swallowed by shadows. “Fäghring” bears the gift of rebirth – both in nature and for Swedish folk metal band Bhleg. The fourth and closing part of the album tetralogy “Ár” is the most ambitious Bhleg recording to date. Its metal parts are saturated with both primal ferocity and majestic atmosphere. The ambient interludes from their early works are still here, but now conveyed mostly through analogue recordings.

01 – Vårdträdet
02 – Grönskande gryning
03 – Alyr i blom
04 – Befruktad jord
05 – Solvigd
06 – Frö
07 – Fagna sumrí


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