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Benediction – The Nuclear Blast Recordings [6CD BOX]

Brummie death metal masters BENEDICTION have been at the top of their game since their inception in 1989. During their highly successful career the band released seven studio albums, five of which through Nuclear Blast Records. And now, flourishing UK heavy metal label Dissonance Productions have rolled these gargantuan slabs of death metal perfection into one limited edition 6CD box set. Perfect for Benediction diehards and newcomers alike!
CD1 (Subconscious Terror) 1.Intro – Portal To Your Phobias 2.Subconscious Terror 3.Artefacted Irreligion 4.Grizzled Finale 5.Eternal Eclipse 6.Experimental Stage 7.Suspended Animation 8.Divine Ultimatum 9.Spit Forth The Dead 10.Confess All Goodness CD2 (The Grand Leveller) 1.Vision In The Shroud 2.Graveworm 3.Jumping At Shadows 4.Opulence Of The Absolute 5.Child Of Sin 6.Undirected Aggression 7.Born In A Fever 8.The Grand Leveller 9.Senile Dementia 10.Return To The Eve CD3 (Transcend The Rubicon) 1.Unfound Mortality 2.Nightfear 3.Paradox Alley 4.I Bow To None 5.Painted Skulls 6.Violation Domain 7.Face Without Soul 8.Bleakhouse 9.Blood From Stone 10.Wrong Side Of The Grave 11.Artefacted / Spit Forth CD4 (Grind Bastard) 1.Deadfall 2.Agonised 3.West Of Hell 4.Magnificat 5.Neverbomb 6.Electric Eye 7.Grind Bastard 8.Shadow World 9.The Bodiless 10.Carcinoma Angel 11.We The Freed 12.Destroyer 13.I 14.We Are The League CD5 (Organised Chaos) 1.Suicide Rebellion 2.Stigmata 3.Suffering Feeds Me 4.Diary Of A Killer 5.The Temple Of Set 6.Nothing On The Inside 7.Easy Way To Die 8.Don’t Look In The Mirror 9.This Graveyard Earth 10.Charon 11.I Am The Disease 12.Organised Chaos CD6 (Killing Music) 1.Intro 2.The Grey Man 3.Controlopolis (Rats In The Mask) 4.Killing Music 5.They Must Die Screaming 6.Dripping With Disgust 7.Wrath And Regret 8.As Her Skin Weeps 9.Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant 10.Immaculate Façade 11.Burying The Hatchet 12.Beg, You Dogs 13.Betrayer 14.Seeing Through My Eyes 15.Largactyl


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