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Belore – Journey Through Mountains and Valleys

Belore is an Epic Black Metal solo project influenced by heroic fantasy and medieval worlds. Belore’s debut album is a journey into forgotten lands, where each title tells a story – a world where landscapes, magic and medieval history exist side by side. Directed by Aleevok, this album aims to transport listeners to an unknown world where they can let themselves be carried away by their imagination. Recommended for fans of Summoning, Caladan Brood, Cân Bardd, Saor, Eldamar or Moonsorrow.

1. The Valley of the Giants
2. The Whispering Mountain
3. The Bewitching Horns
4. The Howling Fields
5. The Initiation Ritual
6. The King’s Funeral
7. The Return of the Fallen Heroes
8. The Serenity of Steel


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