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Belore – Artefacts

Belore is the French Epic Black Metal solo project of Aleevok (Darkenhöld) influenced by heroic fantasy and medieval worlds.
Belore’s debut album was a journey into forgotten lands, where each title told a story ‐ a world where landscapes, magic and medieval history exist side by side. Continuing in this tradition, the second album features six captivating and varied songs of Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal reminiscent of bands like Summoning, Caladan Brood, Cân Bardd and even Sad Legend. The album transports listeners to a fictional, medieval world where they can let themselves be carried away by their imagination.

1. Tale of a Knight (8:21)
2. Artefacts of Power (7:31)
3. The Fall of Endeor (7:33)
4. Moonstone (8:07)
5. A New King for Therallas (9:14)
6. Glorious Journey (7:37)


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