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Batushka – Raskol

Batushka returns with a new five-track, over thirty-minute long EP entitled "РАСКОЛ" / "RASKOL". The title itself, which means a split, a schism, refers to the story contained in the new release but is also an allegory of the current situation of the band. Musically, the band returns to its roots, skillfully expanding the atmosphere of the 2015 debut, giving it a new, developed form of a dark monastic sound. You can also hear another step in the musical development of the band and inspirations from the Eastern Orthodox culture, not only relating to Byzantine Greece or the Russian monody. Maciej Szupica, an artist from Podlasie, took care of the graphic concept of the release as well as the cover art. The recordings took place in May this year in which the entire eight-person ensemble participated. 1. ИРМОС I / IRMOS I 2. ИРМОС II / IRMOS II 3. ИРМОС III / IRMOS III 4. ИРМОС IV / IRMOS IV 5. ИРМОС V / IRMOS V


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