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Autopsy – Ashes, Organs, Blood & Crypts

Hot on the heels of 2022’s universally lauded opus, ‘Morbidity Triumphant’, which was also the fIrst release to feature new bassist Greg Wilkinson (also currently joined by Chris in death doom duo Static Abyss), the US death metal greats now return for a new sermon of sickness, with ‘Ashes, Organs, Blood & Crypts’; brutal bouts of riffery marked by the feral attack of the undisputed master poet of everything macabre, Chris Reifert. Eleven tracks of pure audial attack, punctuated by frenzied soloing courtesy of guitar maestros Eric Cutler & Danny Coralles amid classic all- out death metal fury going straight for the jugular, interspersed with brooding doom-styled descents into delirium. ‘Ashes, Organs, Blood & Crypts’ was recorded at Sharkbite Studios by Scott Evans & Greg Wilkinson, with additional tracking & mixing carried out at Earhammer studios by Greg Wilkinson. Mastering work was once more carried out at Ken Lee mastering. Carrying on with recent tradition, the cover artwork was created by the suitably morbid mind of Wes Benscoter (Bloodbath/Slayer).

  1. Rabid Funeral
  2. Throatsaw
  3. No Mortal Left Alive
  4. Well Of Entrails
  5. Ashes, Organs, Blood & Crypts
  6. Bones To The Wolves
  7. Marrow Fiend
  8. Toxic Death Fuk
  9. Lobotomizing Gods
  10. Death Is The Answer
  11. Coagulation