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Austere – Towards The Great Unknown

Before AUSTERE release their long-awaited third full-length, the veteran depressive black metal duo from Wollongong in Australia’s east coast state New South Wales will offer their complete catalogue of cult recordings as an essential anthology. Entitled “Towards The Great Unknown”, this must-have collection comes in the beautiful shape of a 36-page, 4CD artbook. “Towards The Great Unknown” includes AUSTERE’s debut album “Withering Illusions and Desolation” (2007), the band’s contributions to the split-releases “Only the Wind Remembers / Ending the Circle of Life” (with LYRINX, 2008) and “Bleak…” (with ISOLATION, 2008) as well as the Australian’s sophomore album “To Lay like Old Ashes” (2009). Previously unreleased material is added on a bonus CD that contains the two re-imagined tracks ‘This Dreadful Emptiness’ and ‘Unending Night’, which were produced by AUSTERE at Équinoxe Studios, Wollongong.

Format: 4 CD Hard Back ‘Art Book’

CD1: To Lay Like Old Ashes
1. Down
2. To Fade With The Dusk
3. This Dreadful Emptiness
4. To Lay Like Old Ashes
5. Just For A Moment…
6. Coma II

CD2: Withering Illusions and Desolation
1. Unending Night
2. ..Memories
3. The Dawn Remains Silent
4. Withering Illusions And Desolation
5. Coma

CD3: Only the Wind Remembers & Bleak…
1. Towards the Great Unknown
2. Only the Wind Remembers
3. When Even Tomorrow Looks Away
4. Instrumental
5. There’s Nothing Left…

1. Un-ending Night (re-recording of original)
2. This Dreadful Emptiness (re-working of original)


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