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Ascended Dead – Evenfall Of The Apocalypse

Ascended Dead return like abyss winds surging skyward from the ninth circle of Hell. New album ‘Evenfall of the Apocalypse’ heralds the dawn of the final march to extermination via barely-controlled Death Metal chaos and form-destroying necromancy.

Ascended Dead play Death Metal the ancient way with an intrinsically malign pedigree and methodical cruelty scarcely heard nowadays. Fleshpeeling intensity at warp-speed, technically-frenzied leads that cut straight through bone and a relentless annihilating force that rarely ceases long enough to take a breath. Yet amidst this fiery conflagration a wholly deliberate and fanatical attention to detail and craft remain undeniable, allowing the pandemonium a distinct structure and memorability.

While the band has more than enough skill and ability to perform a darkly acoustic piece like ‘Passage to Eternity’, a rare moment of respite, repeated spins through ‘Evenfall of the Apocalypse’ only serve to perpetuate Ascended Dead’s inexorable place at the vanguard of violent real Death Metal, carrying the banner into the future.

1. Intro / Abhorrent Manifestation
2. Ungodly Death
3. Nexus Of The Black Flame
4. Bestial Vengeance
5. Tantum Bellum
6. Inverted Ascension
7. The Curse / Enveloped In Thorns
8. Visceral Strike
9. Passage To Eternity
10. Evenfall Of The Apocalypse
11. Intransigent Blackness (Outro)