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Armagedda – Only True Believers

On its surface, “Only True Believers” is built upon the firm foundation of Darkthrone’s classic 1992-1994 years – which, it must be said, so are thousands of other black metal releases, conservatively speaking, past and present. Where ARMAGEDDA differ at this point is in their fervent, feverish execution that’s almost swinging. The trance-inducing tempos are brisk and pulsing, instilling that ancient diabolism so crucial to true all-caps BLACK METAL, but underpinning them is a distinctly levitational aspect that’s largely down to the unique swing of the drumming.

1. Refuse The Blood of Jesus
2. Only True Believers
3. Emperor From The Eternal Dark
4. For I Am His Slave
5. Poetry From A Poisoned Mind
6. Demons
7. F.T.W
8. Endless Fields of Sorrow
9. Ghostwood
10. Domedagens Triumf (Bonus track CD only)
11. Night of the Triumphator (Bonus track CD only)