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Argenthorns – The Ravening

A new, mysterious, symphonic black metal project from the land of the thousand lakes will take you on an epic cloak and dagger adventure. Argenthorns is the solo  endeavor of Mason Rofocale, multi-instrumentalist and narrator of our tale, who will recount unspeakable perils and obscure enemies. A quest was laid, and The Ravening marks the first chapter of Mason Rofocale’s occult chronicle through lands unknown!

01 – Hänen Salissaan Kastoimme Unenhoureet Vereen
02 – The Manor of the Demon Duke
03 – In the Hoary Shadows of the Blighted Gardens
04 – I Incursion II A Procession of Spectres
05 – Malefic Chronicle
06 – Wings of Psychomachia
07 – The Grand Hallowing of the Tyrant
08 – Elpyminen


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