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Apokalyptic Raids – The Pentagram

A veritable underground institution, APOKALYPTIC RAIDS have become a hallowed name among diehards the world over for one simple-but-special fact: they started as an unapologetic Hellhammerworship band (and very early Celtic Frost, too) but have transcended their obvious influences into something that actually adds to that legendary canon rather than merely ripping it off. And, as of this year, they’ve been gloriously succeeding for 20 years now!!

1.Necromaniac (is Back) 03:28
2.Satan Laughs 02:41
3.Victory Beyond Imagination 03:56
4.The Ghost of the Hammer 04:04
5.My Triumph 03:40
6.Occult and Real 03:28
7.Letter From Lucifer 03:38
8.Keep My Grave Open 03:06
9.The Story of Pope Joan 07:49


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