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Angmaer – Victoria Aut Mors

Finally, after 4 long years since UKEM Records released the bands debut album 'Towards Darkness' Paradise', Angmaer are now ready to unleash the blistering new opus 'Victoria Aut Mors'. Featuring nine tracks of vicious, yet skillfully executed black/death metal, this is definitely going to appeal to fans of Dissection, Marduk and Sacramentum. Guest drums performed by Ex-Marduk drummer Fredrik Widigs!! Formats: CD | Collectors Pack (CD+Patch+Sticker+Badge) - 20 available
  1. Angel Of Light
  2. Victoria Aut Mors
  3. Into Eternity
  4. As The Rivers Flow With Blood
  5. Flight Of Muninn
  6. Slaying The Bastard Son
  7. Bringer Of Eternal Fire
  8. Summoner
  9. Transcending II