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Andras – Reminiszenzen

20 years have past after the debut album “The Rückkehr Der Dunklen Krieger” has been released, and the journey still continues. 7th Album by the German Black Metal Horde, and the first album in 7 years. “Reminiszenzen” contains more 90’s Style Black Metal than the last three albums, so a perfect mix of old and new. So old school and new fans of the band should listen to the new ANDRAS album.

1. Im Schatten der Flammen
2. Black Rain
3. Phantasma
4. Zenit
5. Die Tilgung
6. Der blinde Mann
7. Altar der Finsternis
8. Blessed in Sin
9. Anewand
10. Fergunna
11. Der Raubschütz I
12. Der Raubschütz II
13. Das Portal


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