Ancient Ascendant – Into The Dark

Excellent death metal release, mixing the best elements of death, black and thrash metal. Dan Swano has been involved in this release, so you know what standard to expect! Slick design digi-pack, hand numbered, limited to 300 copies.

Track List:

  1. The Veil
  2. Blood Calls
  3. Driven By The Dark
  4. Casting The Shroud Aside
  5. Under Ancient Stone

Proving themselves to be one of the better bands in the UK extreme metal underground at the moment, Ancient Ascendant have produced an extremely well written e.p, packed full of intelligent song writing, catchy atmospheres which all smacks of a band who  have found their style and are at ease writing songs which will instantly appeal to a lot of extreme metal fans. Limited to 300 copies, it is probably a good idea that you get yourself a copy of this, as they probably wont be available for very long. Highly recommendedUKEM BLOG


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