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Acranius – Mercy Denied

New release from German death metal band ACRANIUS!

ACRANIUS is a 5-piece death metal band from Northern Germany. The band was formed in 2009 as a 2-man project with Lars Torlopp (bass and drum programming) and Björn Frommberger (guitars and vocals). From the beginning, their primary goal was to write hard-hitting death metal songs with elements of brutal deathcore and hardcore.

Recommended if you like: Ingested, Vulvodynia, Kraanium, Visceral Disgorge, Signs Of Swarm

1. Rule Of Seven
2. Despairbound
3. Scorn
4. No Dignity
5. Ruthless
6. Still Unconquered
7. Mercy Denied
8. Crooked Leech
9. Feigned Death
10. Embittered


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