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Acid Reign – The Age Of Entitlement

It’s been a while but they’re back! with arguably their finest album to date, Acid Reign will release their third full length “The Age Of Entitlement” on Dissonance Productions this September.
Since returning from a 24-year absence the band featuring original vocalist Howard H Smith have been busy. On the back of two new songs “Plan Of The Damned” (2015) and “The Man Who Became Himself” (2017) they hit the road both at home and throughout Europe for numerous tours and festival appearances. Including the now legendary record-breaking Headline slot of the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock 2016. During this time, they have earned themselves a fearsome live reputation famous for its high energy, mass stage diving and violent pits. Reeling off old school classics from their back catalogue they have become a must-see act that has seen the band sign with K2 live agency (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax). With a new album already recorded their time to reign has come again. The first 250 copies include a free Acid Reign logo sew on patch!

2.The New Low
4.My Peace Of Hell
5.Blood Makes Noise
6.Sense Of Independence
8.Within The Woods
9.Ripped Apart
10.United Hates


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