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Aborted Fetus – The Ancient Spirits of Decay

The Russian death metal force Aborted Fetus strike back with another pulverizing onslaught of Ural Massive Brutality on their 2018 full length release ‘The Ancient Spirits of Decay’. Once again this revolting ensemble delivers unstoppable aural punishment as you’ve come to know and expect. Nothing less than complete obliteration awaits with this guttural slam assault! Amazing cover by Armaada Art. Mixed and mastered by Alexander at TsunTsun Productions.

Track List:

  1. The Wind of Agonizing Spirits (Intro)
  2. Eaten by Pigs in the Trough
  3. Drenched Eyes in Boiling Oil
  4. Nailed to the Cross
  5. Beheaded on the Guillotine
  6. Cradle of Revulsion
  7. Cold Lake of the Sinner
  8. Flame of Death
  9. Rack of Torment
  10. Roasted Alive in the Copper Bull’s Stomach
  11. Genital Torture by the Alligator Tongs
  12. Iron Petals of the Blasphemer’s Pear
  13. Follow into the Darkness


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