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Abhorrent Decimation – The Pardoner

Brighton / London based death metal quintet ABHORRENT DECIMATIONrelease their sophomore album and Prosthetic debut ‘The Pardoner’on July 28th.  A masterclass in dynamic, cutting edge modern death metal for appreciators of Fit For An Autopsy, The Black Dahlia Murder and Thy Art Is Murder… Conceptually, the album is an in depth exploration into English poet Geoffrey Chaucer’s most depraved, deceitful character from ‘The Canterbury Tales’, ‘The Pardoner’ and his tale. The Pardoner is a religious fraud. A hypocrite, who preaches against the love of greed. Yet, whose own love of wealth enabled him to profit on the sins of others. He claimed to work on behalf of the clergy, selling spiritual forgiveness for ones sins in the form of his pardons. “ Bludgeoning, laden with groove and played with a frightening technical precision, the five-piece have, from within a modern sound, captured the vital essence that made death metal such an important genre.” – Metal Hammer UK


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