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1349 – The Wolf And The King


Carved from the frozen landscapes of Norway, 1349 have etched their mark upon the black metal pantheon, wielding their instruments like war-axes in the vanguard of the genre’s relentless assault. With a legacy drenched in the blood of aural extremities, they have become the standard-bearers of unyielding sonic warfare, relentless in their pursuit of the darker arts. Behold The Wolf and The King, the latest cataclysm to be unleashed by 1349. A tempestuous odyssey through eight tracks of pure, unadulterated black metal, flawlessly showcasing the band’s mastery over chaos and carnage. From the voracious onslaught of The God Devourer to the sinister depths of Fatalist, each track is a portal into a realm where shadows reign supreme, and the air is thick with the stench of decay. Ash of Ages blends thrash influences with extreme black metal flourishes, crafting a journey through the heart of darkness, while Shadow Point and Inferior Pathways conjoin to forge an iron spine of classic headbanging riffs and inexorable groove. With The Wolf and The King, 1349 continues to stretch the boundaries of the genre, infusing their relentless blast beats and searing guitars with an atmosphere of apocalyptic elegance.

1. The God Devourer
2. Ash of Ages
3. Shadow Point
4. Inferior Pathways
5. Inner Portal
6. The Vessel and The Storm
7. Obscura
8. Fatalist