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I am very pleased to welcome to the UKEM Records roster black metal band AUBZAGL. Formed in 2016, their line up features ex-members of Narayana, Gets Worse and Send More Paramedics among others.

Having only being released digitally, UKEM Records are set to release their debut e.p. ‘Eilífa Kuldinn’ on tape with a view to a cd release featuring bonus material. ‘Eilífa Kuldinn’ leans heavily towards a mix of old school, traditional and second wave black metal, mixed with a more hardcore and thrash background, completed by elements of ambient noise and epic heavy atmospheres. Fans of early Gorgoroth, Celeste, Wolves In The Throne Room, Craft, Dissection, Tsjuder etc will find something to enjoy here!

For a taste of what to expect please check out their track ‘The Adversary’:

Head over to the bands facebook page and give them a like:

The band have been getting amazing reviews from this debut release:
“Aubzagl has not only a clear understanding of the current state of the style, but they have the sight to try something different and the talent to pull it off”
– “…rages onward with razor sharp riffing tearing through the atmosphere-laden back drop”
– “The tracks are very well written, clearly these are very accomplished musicians, as everything is beautifully performed”
– “Fast pace driven by ominous black metal guitars, blasting drums and ethereal growling. Lyrics wise, it’s all what a bm enthusiast is looking for!!”

Please welcome them to the label and keep an eye out for further updates soon!!!