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Subservience photo with ukem logo_WEB

UKEM RECORDS are very pleased to welcome death metal band SUBSERVIENCE to the label roster! The band contacted me not long ago and after giving their last album, ‘Forest of The Impaled’ a listen, the decision to ask them to come on board was an easy one! Bringing Subservience to the label will definitely strengthen the roster and add different dimension to the bands we currently have.

Metal hammer recently quoted “[Subservience] mix modern advances in extremity with classic death metal brutality. Think Bolt Thrower fans who love Gojira, then add nastiness” so expect good things! If you are in any doubt, head over to the bands bandcamp page and check it out: HERE

Work has already begun on the follow up to ‘Forest of The Impaled’ with an expected release date set for late 2018, needless to say, if it be an ep or album, it will be utterly crushing!  If you want to check out the bands music video, head over to youtube and hit the like button: HERE

Please also head over to the bands page and show your support by clicking like: HERE

In support of bringing the band to the label I have stocked two of their releases in the web-store. Buying these will directly support both label and band!
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2018 is getting fucking heavy!!!