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Not long now until out first birthday compilation is released. So in preparation, we are releasing the full track listing to temp to you with! Needless to say, it’s an absolutely fantastic line-up with a great variety of extreme metal on display. There’s death metal, grindcore, symphonic black metal, progressive death metal, slam – something for everyone. Get your copy now in the store (package deals available).


  • 1.Laceration – Traumatic Insemination
  • 2.The Obscene – Emabrace Oblivion
  • 3.Unholy Deathcunt – Suffer
  • 4.Cryostorm – Furnacing (I Defrost)
  • 5.Helvellyn – Sacramental Violations
  • 6.Miscreation – Contorted Falsehood
  • 7.Ulfarr – Forgotten By Time
  • 8.Necrogrinder – Creepy Crawley
  • 9.Foul Body Autopsy – And The World Looked On In Horror
  • 10.Aghast! – Drop Dead Famous
  • 11.Primitive Graven Image – Slave To The Mannequin
  • 12.Deparved Plague – Decayed From Birth
  • 13.Ethereal – Bloodstained Martyr
  • 14.Zombified – Murder Serpent
  • 15.Putrefy – The Lament Configuration
  • 16.Basement Torture Killings – Tapestry Of Putrid Genitalia
  • 17.Midnight Realm – Solaris
  • 18.Infernal Creation –The Mother of Fire