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UKEM RECORDS are pleased to announce the newest signings to their roster are Scottish sicko’s UNHOLY DEATHCUNT! Formed in early 2010 by Demonic Cremator frontman Asphyxiator, his main focus was to create the most savage, angry, nekro and filthy music mankind had ever witnessed!

UNHOLY DEATHCUNT play pure black/death war metal, harnessing all of mankind’s negative traits and transforming them into absolute audio hell!
After the release of the very successful ‘FUCK YOU’ demo, Asphyxiator was joined by Filthgrinder on vocals, adding more hellish mayhem into the storm of hate that is UNHOLY DEATHCUNT!

The band are set to release 5 brand new tracks on the yet untitled debut e.p for UKEM RECORDS, with the ‘FUCK YOU’ demo being featured as bonus material. This release is to be the labels rawest, ugliest and obnoxious black metal release to date. Fans of Beherit and Anaal Nathrakh will not be disappointed at the hell on offer!
Prepare for total annihilation!